Ricky Stator Headlight Wiring

I Have A 06 Wr 450 I Have Dual Sported... So I Can Ride It Around Town Wth The 17 S As A Supermoto Bike ....if You Havent Ever Ridden A Supermoto ...you Need To ...it Is More Fun Than Anything I Have Ever Ridden Including My R1 ....on A Really Twisty Road The Corner Speed Is Increadable ...

The Stock Stator Didnt Seem To Keep Up At All Ever Really ...headlight On Or Off...i Just Installed A Ricky Stator ...and Regulator... Install Was Straight Forward

In The Instructions It Says To Hook The Lights Up To The Battery....through A Switch Not The Blue Wire As Stock Or It Wouldnt Charge The Battery ......correctly ...di I Need To Do Anything With The Blue Wire And Do I Need To Cut The Black And Run It Directly To A Ground

I Had Already Done So.... I Think But Want To Check ...

.i Wanted The Lights To Also Be Switched From The Main Switch So I Didnt Accidentally Leave It On ...batteries Are To Expensive ..the Switch Is A Baja ..so I Tapped Into The Red And Brown Wire On The Fuse Box...it Showed Switched Power.. And Ran That As Power Up To My Switch ...maybe That Is Why It Wasnt Keeping Up ..it Wasnt Charging ???.

And Why Does The Bike Shuts Off When You Turn The Headlight To Off...runs Wo Headlight In Parking Position ..you Would Think P Would Leave The Blinkers Or Tail Light On Like Everything Else ??? Is That In The Switch

I Saw Something About Taping Into A Yellow Wire ...in The Stock Fuse Box But Mine Doesnt Have It... Just A Blank... ....is That Where I Should Pull Power??? Instead??? So It Charges ....?? Can I Get A Connector To Snap Into The Factory Plug ..

first off all the way back on the turn/head light switch is wired to kill the bike so you don't ride around with no lights . as far as the wiring goes I wired mine up thru a 40 amp relay to shut everything down with the key and not overload the stock wiring.

I Talked To Ricky Stator They Said I Was Fine Taping Into The Brown And Red Wire On The Switched Side Of The Fuse Box We Will See... I Guess On The Ride This Weekend And The Head Light Wire Just Needs To Be Disconected The Ground Is Fine Left Stock

how did the stock stator not keep up?? what other electrical items do you have installed?? your headlight only needs a 55W bulb and thats plenty of light....the stock stator should have been fine....mine is

Nothing Other Than An Led Tail And Blinkers... I Think I Had A Stator Problem From The Start....i Bought It As A O6 Left Over Got A Great Deal ....but The Battery Quit After 2 Months ...and The Head Light Blew Out Everytime You Reved It... So I Replaced The Regulator ..then The Battery But It Still Would Die If I Used The Button To Much ....so It Has Never Been Right In My Opinion ... Just Went W A Ricky Stator Just Because ...if I Want To Use Bigger Lights Later I Can And I Can Used The Magic Button As Often As I Like With No Wondering ...i Have It Set Up Supermoto Sometimes So I Want To Be Able To Run High Beanm As Needed As Well ...

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