2008 YZ450F Radiator Question

Hey gents (and perhaps ladies)...

I bent up my left-side radiator during a get off the other day. I was looking on eBay to see what was available, and found a couple of new radiators from independent sellers, both with good ratings based on thousands of feedback responses. For example:




Anyone have any experience with anything like this? I'm inclined to give one of them a chance based on the feedback scores, but thought I'd check with y'all first.

Actually, I haven't called the Yamaha dealer yet, so I first need to see what they're getting for OEM radiators, but I'm guessing they're 2x the price.

Anyway, thanks in advance for any input.


Thanks gray. I'll give them a call. I'm curious to know how they could straighten one out. That seems difficult to me, but I'm open to anything.


Go with Mylers, unless the radaitor is in 2 pieces they will make it look almost new.

Go to the "Our Work" link at look at some of the before/afters.

How about $75?

Try this first:


I'd go with that:thumbsup: or save up and get a pair with an oil cooler from PWR for $1000:smirk: :smirk::thumbsup:

I usually tweek a radiator or 2 a season and have great luck with Mylers. They have been able to fix everything I have ever sent them. I have no idea how they do it but they do.

Thanks for all the help/info. I checked out their work...impressive stuff. I'm not sure how they do it, but it's pretty sweet.

I ended up buying a new left side radiator, but I am going to have my old one fixed too. My mechanic here in Austin is very good at fixing anything...so I'll see what he thinks. If he can't do it, then I'll send it to Mylers.

I'm not sure why I didn't think about letting my local mechanic give it a shot before I bought the new one. I'll be surprised if he can't fix it, but it doens't hurt to have an extra one laying round too.

Thanks again,


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