WR450 Oil Filter

Has anyone changed their oil yet and if so what did you use for replacement filter? The 426 scotts filter that I purchased is different from the paper filter I pulled out of my bike. The general shape is the same but the oem filter has a bigger rubber gromet on each end were the scotts has only one grommet on the open end of the filter that is smaller.

Also my dealer does not have fiche yet on this bike and I would like to find the part number to see if it is the same as YZ450f. The manuel does not list any part numbers

If you look closely at an orig 426 filter vs the 450 you'll see that when they went from the steel (426) to the paper filter (450) the pleats are deeper, which interfers with the way the rubber grommet on the top of the filter was attached. They needed a larger diameter grommet to be able to attach to the filter top. If you look at the oem filter you took out of your bike you should also see where the little ridges in the case where the bottom of the filter rests have been pushing into the rubber... effectively shutting off the oil flow to the bypass should the filter ever become clogged enough to cause the bypass valve to open. The Scotts filter doesn't have that bottom grommet which keeps that area open in case bypass flow is needed. If you hold the filters up next to each other you should also notice the Scotts filter is the proper length without the bottom grommet. Good choice going with the Stainless Steel filter, I love mine.

I have already changed my oil & filter on my WR450f.

The part number is 5TA-13440 00-00. It takes the same filter as the YZ 450.


I found a stock filter and ordered a new scotts today. The said it ws different than the 426 filter I have.

I emailed Scotts about this Wr 450 oil filter. Scott himself answered my question.

Scott wrote:

Apparently there is a string on Thumpertalk that

indicates some of the new WR450 owners don't think our

oil filter fits the new bikes. That's not true.

Our filter is the same filter for the YZ/WR 250F

400F,426F, 450F. Part #2153 fits them all. The 2003

bikes have a new part number because they went from

brass to a paper filter in 2003, but the filter is the

same size. It should be noted that the OEM filter has

2 grommets, we are not sure why. The filter only

needs one grommet, that is why we do it that way on

our filter, simple is better we think.

All YZ/WR owners should be cautious when changing

stock filters, as one of the stock grommets can

occassionally get stuck in the motor and the

owner is not normally aware of it.

Whenever installing any new filters of any brand,

always be sure the grommet is lubed with a little oil

to insure a smooth installation fit. Always

check, like with any engine component, to be sure no

foreign material has found it's way inside the filter

before use.

Anyone not sure about any of this information, is

welcomed to call Scotts Performance for more technical


Best Regards,



I dont know why he said it was different when I ordered another one today. I will except the grommet on one end issue as they are the same length however I would like to know why the new yamaha filter grommet goes all the way to the edge instead of the scotts grommet only going about halfway similar to original 400/426 filter. As I remember the original scotts filter I bought for my 98 400 I even had to remove the yamaha grommet from stock filter and install on scotts. My how times change. Dont get me wrong I love scotts product as run them in every road race, street bike and dirt bike I own I just want to get this right.

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