My new WR450F dual-sportet. Photos and weight....

Guys, My bike finally came in. My friend Dale from Trickdualsport wanted to mount up a kit to see what it would look like. The kits mounts up great and is very clean...

As far as the clutch "noise", it's there, barely.. Dale has an 03 KTM525EXC and claims the clutch is way quieter than his bike. I have the LAME Canadian/Euro pipe on the bike so you can hear everything... The noise has been blown way out of porportion (s?). The bike without the button starts so easy I can't believe it.. I'll write more later and I have tons of questions. But I'm late for work......

See Ya, Dan

Oh.........Click on the link below :)

Great photos! Was the weight with fuel?

hey dan, my friend got a 03 yz250 from canada and the rake is different on his bike from a U.S. bike. Anything different on your WR , compared to a U.S bike????

the rake is different on his bike from a U.S. bike.

Big "D", You've got to be kidding.... I find that really hard to believe!!!! NO WAY!!!!!

The weight was all fluids and no gas....

If it had come from anybody else.......Man , I hate to see that 262 on the scale....In reality they managed to save a whopping 3 lbs between the 99 WR400 which scales out at 265, and the WR450. I guess that means that they have gotton as light as they can, without spending another thosand dollars on super strength lightweight materials.

Still, the ergonomics and the thin profile are going to make it a leathal weapon in the hands of someone like Dan.

Good Stuff, Thanks Dan....I think that before I take the plunge I'll let you work all the bugs out.

Bonzai :)

No joking, I'll call him up to see if he got the different measurements. That's what he told me was different , also on the shrouds it had ( w.o.r.)

Dan, Thanks for the photos. The Trick dualsport Really Is clean. Do they have a website ?


Those are very, very nice photos, I really need to see what you guys did about the lack of space for the brake light switch. No photo there.... I guess I will have to contact Dale and get him going on my kit. Going to the Oregon desert the middle of next month and need it street legal, either that or I have to ride my WR400. I'd really rather ride the WR450. Thanx again for the great photos.




I have a similar D/S kit from e-line on my bike. The rear taillight/plate holder it too heavy for the YZ rear fender. The first jump and it will be wrapped up in the rear wheel. I made support braces that I mounted under the fender.I used 3/8" aluminium tubing from Home Depot.

Hey Dan,

My WR should be in soon too - it is coming from Canada as well. This is good for the Greensticker factor (there is a "W" in the eighth spot) per my dealer. Does yours have the W? But, will I get the crappy pipe? Can you give me some details about that pipe - I don't care so much about the weight, but how does it perform? Do I HAVE to get a new pipe?

Finally the plastics? I have already bought all YZ plastics. I noticed the rear fender was WAY different from the YZ - how much modification was necessary? Did you change out the side panels/shrouds/number plate and did they fit?

I'm pretty worried about that pipe.

thanks, Bud

Great photos Dan,

Thank you for getting the weight job done!!! :D

Seems like this bike is gonna be heavier than the 426 by a few pounds. According to the guy from who I bought it, mine was scoring 267 with gaz in before the D/S kit was installed) but hey....if the e starter works, 262 + gaz is very good :)


The weight of a USA bike with all fluids and full fuel is 269 pounds +/- 3 pounds. I posted this info several days ago.

Hey Jim, Found the site. Thanks for the line.

Danny, that thing looks sweet! I always did like the color blue. :)

Pauly, I'm going riding with my buddy "Dale" this weekend. He just got his 525. I can't wait to ride it... Take care...Dan

Would you go with carbon fiber frame gaurds again or metal?

I'm getting Aluminum ones today... I'm not rich enough for CF...haha

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