Another Woodruff Key Problem!!!!

My buddy just went to pick up his WR450 this morning. He took it for a quick spin behind the dealership, he came off a small second gear jump and when he landed it died. he had to push it back to the dealer. He had already asked them if they had heard about the Woodruff key, they hadn't. When they checked, sure enough it was sheared. The funny thing was when they checked the manual, they found an extra sheet put in that said 61 lb's was wrong, and the proper torque was 47 lb's???? :) Anyway they fixed it and locktited it. He rode it again for a while and no problems. Sure hope thats all it takes. He loved it otherwise, and is on the long trip home.

I can't wait to ride it this weekend! :D :D

Any idea if the nut was looser than 47ft-lbs. when it sheared the woodruff key?

No Idea????? Would be nice to know if they are really loose. :confused:Someone should check.

Has anyone out there check there torq settings before sheering the thing?? Lets hear how they are coming from the factory/shop.

i got my wr today didn't have much time to do anything with it but hopefuly tomorrow i will have time to check the torque on that nut and loctite it while i'm at it. so if i have time tomorrow i will check and post what i find. after i read through the manual that's the size of a phone book !!

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