WR450 Ignition Switch Removal?

Has anyone looked into removing the ignition on/off button? If you wanted to put a number plate on in place off the headlight, and did not want to keep this switch there, is it possible to do away with it all together?

The KTM's have no switch just like the YZ. If you hit the e-button they start, and when you hit the kill button they are dead, no battery drain. This seems simpler, less stuff to break/get mud and water in, forget to turn off, etc...

Just a thought. Let me know what you think, are what you have found.

Thanks. :)


Tex, I'm with you... I want it off too.

Texas/Dan, have you tried to measure the voltage on the battery with swith off and then on. If there is no drop at all (I guess an ampmeter would be better to check for a current draw) then surely it could be just bypassed ....

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