426 Graphix/Plastic

Hey yall

i been tryin to find some plastic and graphics for my yz and can't really find anything. All i got so far is just blue acerbis from rocky mountain and like two tipes of graphics that i dont really care for. I've searched and still nothing very good. Yall mind postin a link to some pretty cool looking kits for me? i figure if worst comes to worst i'll just get the acerbis and put some the universal monster kit on it. Any help would be appreciated...Thanks

Have you tried e-bay? I've seen some pretty cool looking sets there. Sometimes people are selling older sets. Also kits for other bikes can be used if you are willing to trim them a little to make them fit.

Good luck.

Just do a google search on custom grapics, or motocross graphics. Most places will make you anything you want... may be the same for plastics, but I have been looking into new graphics for my bike, just gonna wait until I stop falling over!

Here is my 2001 426 with brand new UFO plastics, and a Factory effex EVO graphics kit. UFO makes black, white, and blue plastics for the 426, and the graphic kit from factory effex required no trimming. Also, you can get the trim kit for fenders like i did from factory effex. Also, I have had Acerbis plastics and UFO plastics before, and the UFO ones held up better to abuse and looked and fit better. Plus they are cheaper. Total for my graphics and plastics it was around $300.




your pics don't work

Now these ones should work.




N-Style graphics


Were are people getting the yellow plastics for the 426? I have seen a few riders with a 426 with yellow! I want the old school colors for mine. :thumbsup:

Were are people getting the yellow plastics for the 426? I have seen a few riders with a 426 with yellow! I want the old school colors for mine. :thumbsup:

they probably did the 426 to 450 plastic conversion. It allows you to run 450 plastics and graphics on a 426, and I believe it is in the stickies thread.

One industries made a yellow plastic with black/ white graphics called the hurricane kit. I know they still make it for the newer yz's but I don't know if they have any 426 kits left or not.

I got my 426 earlier this year with the Hurricane graphics, the main reason I bougt this one. I did see the kits for 426's at www.motocrossgiant.com one time but not sure if they still have them. Here's a pic.


Will someone please confirm if the 426 graphics fit on a 400 without modifications. I don't want to make a purchase unless I know for sure.

Here's some new ones I took today, Added some fake carbon fiber to the air box, different seat, frt tire and a full throttle can to the shock reservoir.(Saw it on this site, figured why not.) Good to see its still available.



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