OT, Things To Do In The NE Area?

My wife and I will be taking our son to a football camp in Hicksville, NY (long Island ) in July. We will have about five days to burn while he is at the camp. I have done the whole NYC thing last year so I really don't want to visit the city.

My thought was to take a drive north up to Northern NH. I remember seeing "The Old Man of The Mountain" as a kid and thought the area was beautiful. I don't want to get more then about 6 hrs. from Long Island though.

Anyone from around these parts have any suggestions. I would like to stay away from any large cities and keep it a laid back senic type getaway.


Tower City is about 4 hours from LI and has 12,000 acres of trails from WFO roads to trails that only anorexic goats can navigate. The wife could check out the local Amish stuff, while your riding with us :)

Might also want to contact z4me, he hangs out on the 250f side and just moved from NH to LI.



I am about 45 minutes from "The Man in the Mountain".

There is Clough OHV Park just west of Concord.

Sean P. LIVES in L.I. he rides a 250WR

I thought about bringing the bike, I would be a little paranoid leaving it in the back of the truck while staying at the hotels. Last time I did that my wife says I was up every 15 min. all night checking on it. I only remember doing it twice. I slept backwards on the bed so I could look out the window eaiser.

If you go to Home Depot or Lowes, you can buy a long cable with loops at both ends. It's long enough to go around the wheels and through the frame to lock the bike to the trailer. I do this for our out of town rides and it works great. I'm still paranoid but, able to sleep. If the neighborhoos doesn't look good you can always request a downstairs room and wheel the bike in, done that before to :)


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