WR450 whats the worry?

I can't beleive what I'am reading here, because a few bikes have sheared the woodruff key and the jetings off, some of you are saying your thinking getting something else because of "all the problems" give me a break. all you have to do is rejett which is something you usally do anyway if you get a after market pipe or live in a higner altitude. and tighten your magneto nut , big deal! I can garuantee you will have more maintainace hassles with the euro bikes than you will with the WR's. don't get me wrong the KTM's are great bikes, there light, fast, handle great, but like any high strung race bike, they require at lot of maintainace. I guess I just don't see the worry some of you are having. Since I have jetted my Wr450 it starts easy, runs perfect & handles like a dream. Com'on guys I've had to rejett almost every bike i've had, cause I live at 4500 ft. funny it does'nt bother you to rejett when you buy a new pipe, but it bothers you to rejett to make run and start better.

Have you verified the rotor nut on your 450 yet? Wouldn't hurt to break out the torque wrench and verify. I'd be curious to know where it's at since you haven't had any problems with it.

Rode mine all day today, no problems at all. I'll check the torque tomorrow and let you know.

Amen, bunch of winers if you ask me..........

Dodger :):D

i just got my WR today. i know it's lean... JETTING ...and i know the woodriff key nut most likely needs to be tightened and have some LOCTITE put on it. ok that takes about 30 mins tops. problem solved !!

I've been into motorcycles, dirt and street, for a long time. 34 plus years. I've never seen,heard,or read, of anyone ever breaking a woodruff key.

Has anyone on ThumperTalk ever broke a woodruff key, other than on a WR450????????????????????????????????????????

and to think i sold my trusty 600 to my nephew in rapid city. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

you might know him adam....he owns torch lake fiberglass.

I went to school with a guy named Andy who,last time I talked to him, was doing marine fiberglass work.

Yep! '83 IT 250 broke them five or six times. Not a big deal. They are designded to shear after all. Still going blue. I pick it up tomorrow. I have a 2000 YZ 426 wich they say is the worst YZ thumper clutch. I went through one set of plates in 3 years. That is the only problem I had at all. ----Mike

"Yep! '83 IT 250 broke them five or six times"

There's a first time for everything. Now I've read about it. Do you know what caused it on the old IT?

nope......this guys name is alec, and he went to school in mancelona.

I agree .To many people making a big deal out of jetting.I have been riding since 1973 and never owned a bike I did not change jetting on.2stroke or 4stroke.As far as the woodruf key I have sheered them on other bikes and once fit and tightened properly never had the problem again.Sheered mine in the first hour of riding, took me about 10min to get apart,I will check the taper fit between the flywheel and crank,lap it in if need be about 10 more min.Put it back together and go ride without worry's

Nothing I have read about the WR450 on this or any other site would deter me from getting one.It's a safe bet that if the new manuel has been upgraded to new torque specs for the flywheel nut,the new WR's that arrive in the coming months will already have been tightened.My only problem with the bike is that I can't legaly make it a dualsport in Ca. because of the green sticker crap.Maybe in 2004 it will be.

not sure what caused it on the IT. It was a hot motor with a hand made pipe. I think it was just stress and me not fitting in good enough. I was only 13. I pick up my WR 450 tomorrow. I have also heared that the clutch problem has already been fixed on all WR models. This is just a rumor I heared on DRN. ---Mike

You guys with "On the way" or "coming soon" on their signatures, I'm really excited for you guys... The new bike is worth the wait, totally a new bike, just bitchin!! Man, now we have a lot to talk about with this new bike.. All good my brothers and no bad!!!


Superbike Mike, I'm not that concerned about the clutch. All clutchs make a little noise. Never had a clutch failure on my WR400 or WR250.

I wish Yamaha would come out with an explination for the woodruff key. Is it jetting? Or the TPS advancing the timing too much? Was there an assembly error? Tell us what we're dealing with so we can fix the problem. HELLO YAMAHA, ARE YOU LISTENING???

Boy lotsoproblems with those WR450's. For those of you guys that are expecting one in your shop for pickup in the next week I would run away now. As your running away send me an email about the shop and how much they are selling the bike for. I may just go save someone else from making a huge mistake and buying one of these bikes by buying it myself. Just trying to help the motorcycling masses, you can thank me later :)

Dan, can you compare the bike to your last. Handling, engine, suspension? Thanks in advance.

Dan, can you compare the bike to your last. Handling, engine, suspension?

I wish I could tell you but unfortunatly I work all week and havn't had a chance to ride yet. I'm riding on Sunday so I don't know yet, I can tell you that the bike is tall!! Really Tall!!! At 5'8 I can't touch the ground. I'm hoping that the suspension will settle down a bit but even at 3" of race sag I can't touch. Also I'm not used to all the electronics that run all over the place. I'll keep you posted... :)


I think the reason for the woodfuff key prob is the timing, every one that had it shear said the bike had backfired, as far as I know. If you jet it right and locktight and tighten the flywheel nut to the specs. I don't think we'll have any problems.

i just got off the phone with the service mgr. from my dealer.....he hasnt heard anything from yamaha on the clutch or the flywheel problems. he said he'd check into it and let me know.

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