Power difference between 426 and 250?

Im looking at selling my WR426 and getting either a WR250f or a CRF250x. just wondering whether I will be wanting for power after riding a 426 for 12 months, or do the newer 250s (probably 04 or 05) put out descent power?

My reason for trading is I want something more suited to tight trails and also something with rego (will cost a fair bit to get the 426 roadworthy, rego, insurance etc.)

Just wondering if anyone has ridden both and has any thoughts.


I've ridden both and i'd say you would be dissapointed with the power output, especially with the crfx, the wr's not too bad but i found that i was running the shite out of it all the time.

Agreed with what dr chopper said. The 250's are usually more high strung and live higher up in the rev range than the big thumpers. IDK about valve life and frequency of rebuilds but I gather they need more frequent attention than the 450's. The WR's have awesome valve shim intervals and can be DS'd quite easily from what I understand.

IMO for tight trails...XR is the way to go. That is what they do.

Just went riding with a mate on his CR250X and his old man's XR250. I was surprised the CRF actually felt really good, obviously not as much power as the 426 but it was much smoother and still hit pretty hard.

Sorry mate but the XR felt like a tractor in comparison. No guts and not as precise as the CRF

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