It's here ! Now what ?

The dealer called last week and said my WR is here. BTW don't let anyone tell you that none of the dealers are discounting. Max Pitts in Peru IND cut me a sweet deal, and it's costing me $1000 less than a KTM. Anyway, I plan on changing the jetting to 160 main and 48 pilot, taking off the snorkel and airbox cover, taking out the baffle, grey wire and my question is ; Why not just take the throttle stop completely out ? My mech did it on his WR400 and has had not problems. He is an A rider and rides numerous enduros each year. Since I am just an Idiot C rider should I cut the screw down to keep from overeving ? My mech claims that the amount that is suggested to cut off is the same as taking it out. Let you know how it rides, but it was -11f yesterday and I don't plan on freezing my N*#s off, plus if the bike is really lean as they say, the cold weather will only exasporate the problem.

I have a throttle stop that is pretty much gone. When it was cut, it was cut way short, and it is effectively gone.

I have worn through 2 carburator slide plates in the past 4,000 miles, and some say that is because with the throttle stop cut, the slide has the ability to go way up inside of the carb, higher than full throttle, and that can create some turbulence that causes the slide plate to thrash around and possiblly weaken, and eventually crack.

I'd say to cut your throttle stop down enough that you have access to Full Throttle, but no more. Going wider open won't do you any good, and you might not break slide plates like I have.....

(Hope I conviced you to keep it :)

My understanding is that if it (the throttle stop) is removed the throttle will move past full open and that will send a message to the little black box that will cause problems.

What is the exact amount to cut off. The article in past posts was for a WR250. Is it 7mm off for 23mm total ?

Jonesy, those are the correct measurements, the 250 is the same. Also cut it down as opposed to removing it. Removing it can cause problems, I don't remember what they are but not good.

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