Hinson Slipper - Will a 2006 fit 2008 YZ450F

Does anyone know if a Hinson slipper for my 2006 YZ450F will fit a 2008 YZ450F, Hinsons website shows a different Part # but i wonder if its just a different clutch plate Pack count. I really dont want to buy another $900 slipper for Sumo racing when i get my 08 YZ

if 08 is same as 07, the 06 hinson will work fine, you just need another steel and 1 or 2 more fibers - basically turn your 08 clutch pack into a 06 pack

The only difference in the clutches of an '07 and '08 is the primary gears are fit tighter on the '08. All of the other parts are the same, so if the '06 clutch fits the '07, it should work for your '08.

However, when adding the extra plate, you should use '06 steel plates, and not simply add an extra along with the extra friction plate. The '07-8 plates are thicker by about .010" (.25mm), and using them will result in a total clutch height .080" (2.0mm) higher than specified for the '06 clutch. Pressure plate and springs for the appropriate clutch version ('06 vs. '07+) need to be used, but if the Hinson is for an '06, that part will be correct already.

You're right Gray - I forgot about that. Have to get a complete set of 06 steel plates, but the fibers are the same thickness so you just need one more.

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