Gas Tank

I wanna paint my tank and maybe even smooth the scratches out but i wouldn't know how to start. I want it yellow cause i dont wanna shell out the $200 for a new clarke tank so it'll match the hurricane graphics. I just need to know what kinda paint to use and stuff if yall could help? Thanks.

Dyeing a tank black from blue is one thing. Dyeing from blue to yellow is not likely to yield results you will enjoy.

I agree... I would try black. Dying it black would look great with the hurricane kit.

dang thank you a ton for posting that link. i DID NOT wanna shell out 200 dollars for a new tank OR paint it but had to do one or the other until this. I'm definatly gonna be doing it and i'll give him props it looks great. Personally i think the black tank will look just as good as yellow with a bit more uniqueness

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