Woodruff Key Part #???

I'd like to have a spare woodruff key in my toolkit. Anyone know the part number? My dealer couldn't tell me... :)

The dealers must have some idea since they have been repairing those that have broken. Is the woodruff key the same for the YZF and the WR? I don't know but I would like to find out as I will be picking mine up this week and would like a spare (or two.)

Dealer told me Yamaha has not sent them the microfiche. Must be in the warehouse with my bike.


The Microfische comes in the crate with the bike

so if your dealer has not sold one he probably wont have a microfische yet


Just realized I've been carrying around the spare woodruff key in my pocket all week in the YAMAHA package!! The part number is 90280-03001. Hope this helps!!


Who is this Woodruff guy anyway??? :)

rooooons, you da man. Thanks. :) Now I can order one and, hopfully, forget about it. :D :D :D

thats the same number as the 03 yz 450

I'll bet it's the same number as all WR/YZFs, '98 thru '03. :)

Is the key that you are ordering the same one that keeps breaking?

Did Yamaha make one that is stronger?


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