Happy Birthday Dan Lorenze !

I noticed that you said in the Dougie thread that your birthday was in two hours! I almost missed it. You are a cult hero here on ThumperTalk and soon to be one of us "old ones"! :)



Paul, You're the best. Thanks!!!!!!

Let me know when you are available for a little riding this summer...

DL :)

Dan, Josh bought a house in Phelan so he could be close to his beloved desert! :) I'm planning on going down to visit him the week-end after next. I know its HOT!!! but I'm bringing the Katoom just in case we can squeak an early morning ride in! The kids and I used to go to Kennedy Meadows every year in the Summer when they were growing up. But, from what I have been reading lately it sounds like the rangers there are total jerks now! But, if you think we could go there without everyone having to be dual-sported, we sure would like to make a return visit. All of my kids have expressed an interest in going back for old times sake! :D Anyway, let me know what you think. Thanks, Paul

Hey Danno,

Happy belated b-day brother. Let me know when you guys will be up here next so we can start another adventure. :) I too have the WR450 on deposit, and can't wait. I checked it out at the World Superbike Races last weekend. Totally bitchin man.

Have a good one bro


Paul is a Super Fan.....Watch out there Dan...You may have a stalker in the making!

Happy Birthday Dude....

Bonzai :)

I dont know you but happy B-Bday (Belated Birthday)anyway

Happy b-day Dan thee MAN! One of the TT old-timers who is getting older :):D:D

Bill :D

Stalker, no. Super impressed, YES! :):D

I love you guys!! No you can't have my Bud Light!!!! :)

Paul, I might be doing KM on the 27th. My bike is in pieces still but she's lookin sweeeet. She's all new under the hood. Marc, The 450's are gonna be better than people think and lighter too. I can't wait. It's good that you have a deposit on one down cuz I've heard they're could be a shortage of them. Kazi,Bill and the infamous EGO thanks dudes!!

Dan :D

Dan, Happy Birthday!

Paul, the rangers at Kennedy Meadows that I have run into are really good guys. I am sure there is more than one crew for the whole area. But there is one guy in particular (whom I won't mention here) is pretty much in favor of opening closed areas. He rides and wants to see the old KM opened up. He has given me a break more than once. I'll give you the details when we can get together for a ride.


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