A good replacement for underware?

Does anyone know of a good replacement for the Under-ware glove liners?

Mine are wore out and down at he local dealer they are $20.

Give me a freakin break. $20 for some yellow liners?

There has to be a alternative.... :)

A buddy of mine that works in the electronics industry has a great solution. Little white, fingerless, cloth, gloves they use for working in clean rooms. He has snagged me a couple and they are great. I have small hands and glove liners are just to bulky for me. I can't even tell I got these on. Not sure where to get them but maybe check in an elctronics store or computer store. Good luck.

What are they for? are they waterproof or just for extra warmth or padding? Sporting goods stores sell thin gloves for running and ski glove liners. Cost $10-20, I think. Made from synthetics like polypropylene. The local outdoor store (hunting/fishing etc) sells real cheap gloves over by the work gloves for around $2.00. Not sure what their made from though. Probably polyester which would be OK. As long as it's not cotton. You could try the yard/garden stores too.

Thanks for quick response guys.

They are mainly for blisters. I used to have a lot of problems with my right hand going numb after a couple hours but if I am wearing the liners it dosent happen.

The reason I asked this question is I found these online:


and I wanted to know if they are the same thing.

Looks like it to me! :)

I use white cotton/polyester blend gloves. They are made by Stanley and I get then from Home Depot for $1.24.

Link to gloves at Home Depot

The sku#190454 for Home Depot if the link does not work.

I am very happy with my underwares. To me they are definitely worth the coin. I use "polypro" glove liner skiing and snowboarding and have used them on my streetbikes and dirtbikes but they wear on the thumb/nose picking finger very quickly and cost around $7.00-but the Underwares keep my hands nice and toasty and they are tough. I have the fingerless and full and prefer the full and have more than 5000 miles of offroad on them. This is one time when "kevlar" or whatever they are made of is a great wearing product that protects my woosie non-callussed hands.

That is when I can tell if I go to a particular store too much...if I have a speed link way too handy. But hey, thanks. I looked at my favorite places count just a minute ago and it is >400. Out of control. Gonna see ya at Goertz on Sunday?


They are exactly the same gloves....

Bonzai :)

Darin, way before there was even such a thing as Underware, I was using

polypropelene glove liners from the local ski shop. They fit tighter and work better,

IMHO, than UW. I have a pair of UW and I can't wear them at the track. I get

arm pump in minutes. I just bought two new pair for $8 a pair. If you can't find any

and want to try them, drop me a line and I'll see if I can find you a pair around here.

The pair I just bought, I got in UT while on vaca...


Thanks merf,

I think I am gonna try these that I found online for $4 a pair as long as they dont gig me on shipping.

I appreciate the offer though.

I'll let you know if this dosent pan out. :)

Hey MOman, you just want gloves that match your bike! :)

I haven't posted here in a while and didn't tell you yet but that helmet cam video that I took that day at Chadwick turned out pretty good. The guy I was with(Jeff on the KTM 250) is working on the camera right now to put an on/off switch so I don't waste so much tape on rest stops. If I would have been able to stop it and restart it remotely I would have been able to get that great crash on that hill climb for you!


Which crash? :)

Have you guys been back to Chadwick since then?

I havent even rode since the middle of December. I screwed my neck and shoulder up pretty good in a Toys for Tots hare scramble but I think Im about ready to saddle back up.

I sure would like to see how your HC works.

Just dont follow me with that thing or I'll be asking "Does my butt look big?" :D

I did get you on the tape for a pretty long time and to answer your question, My wife says YES, it does.(notice how I didn't pay attention to that) :D I did get you sticking your leg out over a small jump though.

I have only rode a couple of times since then, we probably won't be able to get down there until some time in March. I have been down to Branson to see my parents 3 times since then and each time I have thought about bringing my bike down but I have to work around their house so much that I wouldn't have time anyway. :)

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