HELP!!! Looking for a Switch?

I have had the toughest time finding the simplest part and I need your help. I installed the Acerbeis HP headlamp and all I can find is ugly toggle switches to run the high/off/low beams. I am looking for a waterproof on-off-on or double throw switch. I am hoping that our vast group of people available I can find something that will look nice, not a big ugly toggle. I have already checked Baja D and some auto stores. I am hoping that someone knows of a bike that will have the switch I am looking for.

Thank you in advance if you can help.

Look at a Marine supply like West Marine. Good Luck!

Try our Good TT Partner; Electrex. They make the "Dakar" Dual Sport Kits. It's good stuff!

late model kawasaki klx's and kdx's have a nice compact switch that you could use

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