06 Wr 450

hi,i just bought an 06 wr 450 it has no mods to it other than the exhaust muffler has been removed and the bigger jet that comes with the bike(not sure of the size)has been put in.it has no running problems but i noticed the exhaust header glows orange is this normal?thanks for the help.

how long is it running prior to it getting hot and does this happen only sitting or when riding.

i suppose about after 5 mins of ridding.

It's probably too lean.

I agree with Mr. De Mar, probably too lean. I was asking the questions to see if it got hot just sitting there. The 4t's will get hot sitting rather fast, but if this is riding then too lean.

Search in this forum for more info, I think it is there

I recommend the YZ needles over the JD needles if you are thinking about messing with them. JMO:thumbsup:

HEADDER GLOWING IS SOMEWHAT NORMAL but still could be lean the pea shooter tip should be removed by drilling the rivits ...not the whole tip and spark arerestor grey wire and throddle stop is huge ...they are really lean from the factory for emissions ... i did the jd to a t and it worked out well 4 me

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