First time out

After seeing the Yz450 and pictures of the WR I thought that this would be a great time to try the switch to a 4stroke.Decided on the WR because the bigger tank,5 coil and the button.I have ridden KTM 2strokes for the last 6 years and think they are great bikes but rode a couple of KTM 4strokes(400exc,520exc) and the YZ450 and felt better on the Yamaha.

Picked up my Wr450 wednsday night and spent the next couple of nights getting the bike ready for sunday.Greased every thing,checked all the fastners,changed bars,put on bark busters,took off

headlight,kickstand,odo,baffle,snorkle and some other misc.stuff.Then put on the most important thing for riding in Ohio this time of year Trelleborg studs.

Sunday morning drove down to southeast Ohio.Temp about 19 degrees, light snow falling,light wind a perfect day to try out my new bike.Bike started on about the 3rd kick.Was so cold I did not want to try the button till bike was warmed up(battery seemed a little low and I did not charge it).When warming up the bike it did back fire a couple of times.Out on the trail .This thing sure does turn!Felt at home in a couple of miles.Seemed like I could snake through the trees as fast as I was on my old bike that I was used to.Suspension? hard to tell yet because of studs and snow.But I never even thought about it when I was riding so it must have been OK.

Motor? After getting off a 2stroke this thing sure is smooth.Walked up hills I am usually gassing hard and spinning trying to get up.Button working fine.Clutch working fine.Shifting fine.Having FUN.


Flywheel key sheered.End of ride after only about an hour.

Not so sure it wasn't my fault. Might have had throttle cracked when starting(old 2stroker)

All I know is I have never had any bike come with perfect jetting or little things you have to figure out about them.

But judging by the first hour on this motorcycle I can't wait to try some differn't jetting and get back on it!

This broken woodruff/flywheel key stuff is getting out of control. I'd like to see Yamaha go public with some answers. :)


How did you like the suspension on the KTM's you have owned? I know you said you did not notice on the WR, but I know I would like the WR suspension, but am unsure about the KTM? :)

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