pilot Jet ?

im going change my 99 wr to yz timeing i am going to change my pilot jet to a 48 do i need to get two pilot jets one for air and the other for gas?

buy a bucket and poor it in with that!

what the hell possess you to want to put a 48PJ in anyway. it's not like anyone here is running them is it?

i didn't even touch my jetting when i did the timing change. if you have a #75PAJ you need a 40 PJ or 42 max.

go into search and find jetting Q's and learn something new!

sorry if i sound blunt-i am-but it's like watching "timmy the trains nine hour epic of war, peace and how to make a cup of tea".


The YZ timing change is not a mod that really requires re-jetting.

There are lots of things you CAN do in the area of jetting on a '99 WR to wake it up, though. Do check out the thread "jetting Q's" as Taffy suggested. Personally, I think it reads a lot like "timmy the trains nine hour epic of .." :) , but there is some very good info in there. There are other threads as well and the search button will yield lots of good reading on the subject of jetting.



You have a '99 WR, what are you waiting for.

Clone taffy's jetting specs. I can assure you you won't be dissapointed.

Doubted for a long time and couldn't get the right jets and needle over here. So don't doubt.

Ever thougt about a telepathic controlled throttle response ? That's what you can get.

Good luck

Taffy....LMAO......love the timmy the trian ref!

Dodger :):D


I was looking the wr/yz jeting examples from around the world page and a lot of people list a 48 under pilot if not pilot jet what are they referring to?

it's very simple to nullify all glitches in throttle response by deadening them with lots of fuel.

it really is that simple.

it's like a reality check that some people want to avoid. it's easier to dull the throttle than have a cough or glitch and get it sorted.

most people have to come back here and say that it didn't work first time what's so different about my bike?

a couple of little tests and a chat and everyone is on their way with the equivelant of an enduro and a mountain goat all in one.

don't get me wrong, if you want to try anything i/we'll help all we can so go for it.



you seem to have about the same stuff on your bike as me. i have the same jets a needle as you but i put the clip on #5 becaise taffy said to drop it if you have a pipe on it and go up 10 on the main from his settings. how is the mid on your bike and have you tried it both ways. i don't know how mine is cause i need a new left radiator before i can start it.

Are the jetting ex. from around the world still on the site?

2 or 3 years ago a 48 was the most popular pilot.

Then Clark, JD and most recently Taffy really shook things up by testing and sharing their results w/us.


My needle pos. ideed is clip #5 oups. :)

i use a 48 or 50 pilot[depending on conditions].my bike runs great jetted with 48pj,dvp nj 3rd clip,185mj and fuelscrew 2turns out.im sure taffys jetting recommendations working great for some people[depending on where they ride]but i tried taffy's emm setup and bike ran like crap.im not sure if its because of altitude and climate where i ride or because my motor isnt stock[hp cams,big bore kit,head ported and p-48]

like i said...


ok im going to try jeting the taffy way.

I need to know where you guys are geing your jets

and the part numbers?

I have 99 WR i ride mostly low to mid rang D&D pipe and header open exhaust system im thinking of changing over to yz timeing.

hear are jets think i will try and need part No.

EMM Needle

35 pj

55 paj

60 sj

155 mj

160 maj

i didn't catch your altitude but if you're over 2,000ft i would get an EMN. the "PAJ" should be a "pilot air screw" which you adjust and is whichever jet you want it to be.

other than that i would get a 38 PJ as back up and also get ready to do the Taff mod by getting your little model collars ready.




Is this the kind of car you have? I have a '94 Trans-am and remember seeing the Firehawk in magazines. Very nice!


:) Did one of the last bits of the jigsaw today............changed my pilot circuit for a smaller one, I've gone to a 35...might be a tad lean there but it's still better than the 42 I've been on, I changed the PAJ to the adjustable screw and have that set at 55 A la Taffy

I thought it was crisp before this, but NO....now it is crisp, I gonna try the 38 as well and Taffy, I'm gonna change the DMM for a DRM (I cant get a DTM), just to raise the needle from the clip #1 :D

bluefox yes this is the kind of car i have #485 315hp


I stll need to know where you guys get your jets from i dont think my yamaha dealer will be much help with out some part numbers


everything is on jetting Qs i think. JD put them there.


keep playing with it guy, i don't think you'll make it run lean. and anyway if you recall i said "after i'd finished, i reflected and realised that the PAS had always played catch up and that all along the PAS needed to be #45 to match the 35PJ"....

so before you go up on the jetting go down on the PAS.

the needle seems a great idea, i wish i'd put that original post up as a DTM and not DMM post but there you go.



The Hawk is a nice car but, I'll take my 67 Chevelle anyday. I have a 99 and worked with taffy to come up with the configuration in my signature. Don't mess with the dealer call Sudco.


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