pilot Jet ?


You should really back off the Ale a bit before operating heavy machinery like a keyboard.

Who runs a 48 pilot.......Please.....

I've got atleast 10 bikes fitted locally with 48/100 combinations that are smokin...for 0 to 3000ft.

Your lean jetting works fine for some folks like Rich and Bill, but there are alot of varibles such as temp and humidity that will not allow jetting to be leaned off that much without the pinging of pre-ignition here in my region.

Oh Well....

Bonzai :)

have you heard the one about the texan and the english country bumpkin kazi?

the texan says "son, when i get in ma automobile and drive round ma farm it takes me all day to see it all" and the bumpkin says "oi terrible innit, i had a car like that once as well!"

take your time!

you've got all day!


:) he he ...Taffy tut tut tut! :D

Anyway..took the bike for a long run off road today, about 8hrs...didn't miss a beat, loverly power everywhere, not much popping on over run

and unless I'm mistaken, when I lift the needle with my DRM I should richen the Pilot circuit anyway(albeit only slightly as there is a touch less needle to get in the way!)

I'll wait till the DRM is in and then fine tune the Pilot a bit more :D


I have the same setup in my 99. Switched from 35pj to a 38pj. 35pj was to lean. The popping sounds different now along with alot less. I think I just learned the difference between rich and lean sounds. My dmm is also on p1. The thing runs so good I don't think I will ever change. Even through I know that a dtm in the middle position would be better. Used my new GPS for the first time today. I started at 2100 ft and went up to 4800 ft. Never missed a beat and always starts easy. It seems as through all of us always want more. Heck I even dreamed of getting the new 450. After riding today with my WR dialed in, I have no need for a new ride. Sure it would be sweet. The button and all. Ask yourself how often do I ride wide open. I have great handleing. Enough power that I don't ride wide open very often. Can still scare the crap out of me when I do. What more do I need. Rides like today leave me not wanting for anything.


dmm p1, 160mj 160maj, 38pj 55paj, 1.5 turns out

P.S. This pulls from a idle all the way to max rpms really smooth. Goes through rocky up hills from just above idle in 1st 2nd and 3rd gear. Pulls the front end up with little effort when needed.

Yamakaze, I compared yesterday's hottest conditions here with those in Atlanta, and come up with 1/2 of a percent difference in relative air density. With GA being more dense.

Yesterday 4:00pm :

Atlanta, Peachtree City-Falcon Field, GA, United States

time, date, temp "F, ©, dewpoint F, ©, barometer, wind.

4 PM (21) Jul 14 87.1 (30.6) 70.0 (21.1) 29.95 (1014) WSW 8

State College, PA, United States

4 PM (21) Jul 14 78 (26) 62 (17) 30.02 (1016) SW 7

I used the density altitude calc. at Shelquist Engineering

our weather is different, but the overall is very close, like the difference between the top & bottom of a 200 ft hill.

is there something else different that makes you guys ping? -I don't have trouble with premium pump and a 35 pj, 45 pas, DTM needle


Nice one....The only problem with that analogy is that both my WR and YZ run like their on rails with (Your) previous recommended settings. Snap Wheelies are never a problem, and both absolutely rip on the track and in the woods. The major plus is ZERO Decelleration Popping (NEVER) and a plug that burns clean, and a can that verifies it.

Glad to see your sense of humor is still in tact in your OLD AGE....


There is something there for sure. We have tried Taffy's (LEAN) settings on several bikes with the same result...Overheating (IN The Tight Stuff and at Idle) and or Pre-ignition Ping. The settings we're using now are ALSO Taffy/JD settings from just about a year ago...And they work fine. It may also have something to do with the removal of the ACV (item in comon)(without the auto enrichining circuit enabled it may be way too lean). To me it's not a question of weither or not to use Taffy's settings, it's a matter of which set too use. My current settings work great from Florida to PA on the GNCC Circuit. The only change I have to make is droping the PJ/PAJ combination to 45/75 when the Outside Air Temp drops to 55 degrees or less (Dec-Mar)and dropping my SJ to 55 has stopped all cold weather plug fouling that I used to get.

Bonzai :)

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