Really quick question. Help me out please!

Hi guys! I have a 99 WR400 and I cannot get the carb to stop pouring gas. I have removed the float bowl and cleaned all pieces, but it is still leaking when I hold the float up and turn on the gas. It was originally leaking from the flange where it bolts onto the carb, but I have another gasket on the way.

- The brass piece that the float pin rides inside of has a (it looks like a permanant, non-flexible) gasket on the outside, and the inside where the float pin seats looks good. It does some (VERY LITTLE) play in it when it is installed...I have a feeling that this is the problem. Is there anyway to break off the non-flexible gasket and install a regular O-ring to tighen this up, or is this even the problem?

-The float pin looks like it is in perfect shape.


Is there a gasket that is supposed to be on the inside of the brass needle float seat (the brass piece that the float needle rides inside of)? I didn't see one when I removed the bowl, and I don't see one on a breakdown sheet... but it would help to seal the float bowl becuase right now the "float needle" simply seats against the raw brass when closed (and leaking).

Thanks in advance for the assistance, Merry Christmas to everyone!

There is also a oring/gasket used with the float needle seat. These tend to go bad before the float needle or seat does.


In this diagram, it is inclued in #24 (Filter screen-oring/gasket-needle seat-needle-retaining clip)


Though I have heard it is available sperately, just does show in the fiche for your bike but the same carb is used on many bikes formany years and I am sure someone has the part number for just the oring/gasket. I am sure GrayRacer knows. PM him.

Can't help with that one, really. The O-ring isn't listed separately anywhere that I know of, other than possibly Sudco. The trouble there is that they have a $25 minimum order

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