Red rider turning blue?

Hi guys

I currently ride an XR250 and an XR400. However, I am a little frustrated by Honda's failure to bring out an equivalent product to the new WR450, therefore I am considering swapping my 400 for a Yam WR 450 if I can get one.

My only concern is that my XRs will run and run. Provided I put oil and fuel in, lube the chain, I am sorted. A friend of mine has a WR400 and he's on his second engine already. He would also tell you that he has to spend quite a bit of time on maintenance.

Honest opinion here guys. If I buy a WR, will my I find myself doing a lot more major engine work, or is my mate just unlucky? I apreciate that the WRs are a different beast to the XR, but I need to undestand the implications of ownership.

Thanks in advance for you advice.

As for repair itself, these things are quite reliable.

One thing that has been a burden however, is getting the jetting sorted out. When Yamaha decided to modify and detune the (99) YZF into the (99) WRF, they created a headache.

Once our jetting has been sorted out, thanks to Clark Mason, James Dean and Taffy, these bikes ARE maintenance free.

If you look at other 4 strokes (KTM, Suzuki, etc) there are tremendous gains from toying with the jetting, and much to learn as well.

Good luck on finding a 2003WR. It sounds as though Yamaha is having a short assembly run of them. :)

dont do it

Dude go for it. My 01 WR426 had been nothing but a pleasure. If they were maintenance nightmares believe me the world would know by now. Yamaha has shaken the 2 stroke world with these bikes. Granted the old yz/wr 400 series are not perfect neither is the 426 series. But they are close. the WR450 should be killer. They get better every year.


Why not. C'mon need more detail...

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