Pics Devol Radiator/Frame Guards

Very nice. Did you polish them?

No. The guards come stock with the polished appearance.


Are thesre gaurds the same as the YZ 426 gaurds? I have a set if so, I am hoping they fit. ---mike

Looks good John. Now lets get them dirty......

Hi John,

Looks goooooood!!! :) I'm happy to see this because I just ordered my devol rad guards. I already have the CRD frame protectors but the devol's seem to be well built and even better built than the CRD on your picture.

They seem thicker than mine.

What are they made of?

Is it possible to get some of these for a xr650r (my partner's red beast)?


The guards are made of aluminum and plenty tough. You can get more info on availability of parts for each model by contacting Michele at She is very helpful and very prompt in returning inquiries.


Thank you for your answer.

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