Help finding decent graphics

I just bought all new plastics for my 03 WR450 and would love to hear recommedations on where to get some decent graphics. I've been having a tough time finding any except for the ones on ebay..

I Bought The E Bay Amr Ones ....they Went On Fine And Seem To Be Good So Far... They Definately Give The Bike A Unique Look ...the Only Thing I Did Wrong... Was I Didnt Pull All The Little Circles Off The Ones That Go Directly On The Tank I Thought The Perforation Was Enough For The Gassing Of The Tank ... It Isnt So It Needs To Be Smoothed Out.. A Quick Good Luck Rub And She Is Good .. I Should Go Out With The Exacto And Pull Them Out But There Is A Bizillion Of Them They Have A Good Selection Og Graphics I Am Not Exactly A Skull A X Bonz Kind Of Guy So The Pin Up Girl One Worked Out For Me I Get Lots Of Coments Just F.y.i.


I like the One Industries - Alpha line, they have (or had) nice WR specific ones, the color and design scheme is cool and they always stuck really well - here is a pic of my 04' with them on...



Can you send a larger photo? I haven't been able to find their graphics for aan 03/04, only before and after those years....

i got a set from factory fx they were around 50-60$ they stick really well and look good . i did have to test fit and trim them a bit but it was no big deal , they might be for a yz i dont know if that makes a difference . i just ordered them through parts canada at the local motorcycle shop .


one industrys makes really nice graphics

I ordered a set of Yz450 graphics for my Wr450f after reading this post.

There is also some great graphic links for all years from Bleeds Blue and great advice from Clark4131.

I'm riding a 05 and from what I searched in the old posts the 03-05 yz450 graphics will fit a 05 wr450. I'm wondering if for your 03 you can order some of these and do a little trimming for the tank. You can always send them back standard mail and only be out a couple of bucks if you think they won't work.

I haven't been able to upload a larger picture. I'm still trying to figure it out.

Just take the other link:


Thanks for everyone's help! After looking at all options I think I have decided to go with these:

The tank, shroud and swingarm decals are $56. I can grab a couple of various front and rear decals somewhere. My only concern is the thickness. They said they are only 12mm and it seems that most are running 18 and higher. You think they will be sufficient?

very nice doesnt really matter how thick they are , one rock cuts through 18mm just as deep as it does through 12mm




And finally the tail


hey, i have an 01 wr426 and i also have an aunt that makes stickers and such. i want to try making designing my own graphics, but i need a template. im wondering if one of you guys would post pictures of the actual sticker or the shape of the sticker so i can use it to design my own?

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