got my wr450 today

she's a beauty. took a little while for it to start with the button but she did. i turnt it off and kick started it she started 1st kick. very easy to kick start this is like sitting on a 2x4 .if i'd have to GUESS the weight and i did say GUESS i'd have to say around 255-265 with all the fluids . it probably felt alot heavier than it was because i can't reach flatfoot. i am just alittle more than tip toe on it. but pushing the bike it feels like it's 240 pounds.if i could lower the seat height an inch or two it would be perfect. i am 5'11" and i weigh 165lbs just incase anyone wanted to know how the height of the bike fits you.i really couldn't ride it much because it was dark and 14 degrees out. she idles rough,so i took the baffle out and she idled better . notice i said better still doesn't idle right. i took a quick spin around the house and everytime i gave it the gas she wanted to stall. like i said it was dark and cold so tomorrow after work i will have a better idea of what is going on.

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