jetting suggestions for this weekend

I only have a couple of posts but I have been reading and searching through the archives for about six months now, you guys have been a great help. Here is my question, I called all the dealers in my town and cannot get a different needle by this weekend. Is there any suggestion to optimize my jetting using the stock needle for this weekends race. Elevation is going to be from 3500 to 5000 in high desert terrain with a forcast of up to 30% humidity and 65°F. I am also running 50/50 100 and 91 octane mix (95.5). I understand that this has been a touchy subject but I am short on time and this race is about 2000 ft above my local riding. I did take two pages of notes from the archives that I will test them out when I can get some E series needles. For quick reference the stock jetting is DRR, 165 Main, 42 Pilot, 75 Pilot air, 1 5/8 out Pilot screw.

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