will it fit? (04 cams & ignition module on 08 450F)

Having a conversation with the gentleman who did my suspension about extra snap for my bike -- (already has a Dr D to replace the stock exhaust)

He advised not to mess with the variable ignitions and try to find out if an 04 ign. box and cams would fit ( he is not specifically a Yammie mech and did not know the answer)

---- If not, does the aftermarket make a camset and ignition box that is close to the '04 profile? i have looked at the Tokyo Mods box, but too many choices may be too confusing (4 or 5 different ignition curves to choose from with those)

The ignition from an 04 will not fit the 08 as the plug is completly different. Vortex ignitions will give you a very wide range of adjustments. You can get one that has mx/sx maps or one that has mx/trail maps. The motor was redesigned in 06 so I'd be supprised if the cams would fit. Tokyo mods, crower power and web cams all make different cams for the 08 depending on what your looking for. I know that web cams has a torque cam that langston used in his bike for great low end gains. Hope that helps.

The cams will fit, but I wouldn't go that route if it were mine. Try the '06 exhaust cam by itself, and forget what your mechanic said about the variable ignitions. Look into a MSD ignition.

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