WR 450 first woods ride

Got to ride the new bike all day today,at last. First off, I had no clutch problems AT ALL. Not grabby,no noise,just worked like it suppose to. This bike handles really well also. This bike goes through the tight stuff as well as my 250 did, except if you needed to pull a shed or small house behind it you could. The low end is great. I have uncorked it and removed the snorkle and thats it. I bought several pilot jets this morning but haven't changed any thing but the adj. on the pilot screw so far. I won't change the throttle stop till later this week. I knew it wouldn't make any diff on the single track we rode today. I can't compare it directly to my 250 until I mount some Dunlop 773s later this week.I was worried about the backfire thing but never had a problem. I never get over 300' asl. and today it was close to 70 degrees. Fell over once(damn stock tires)felt about the same as my WR 250 when I picked it up, even though I know its heavier. I never changed my tank and seat on my 02, but now I know why everybody did. The new seat and tank combo are right on the money. After I picked the bike up Saturday it sometimes didn't want to start with the button, but as I put on some miles its got much better. I'm glad I got to get out and ride today and very happy with the bike. Its very nice to report 0 problems (yet), but if I have any,I'll post them.

Glad to hear the good news WR... Keep it comimg.

Thanks for the report! I am very jealous. I should get mine this Friday. Take out that throttle stop - world of difference.


The torque gets even more unbelievable with a cut or YZ throttle stop.

Glad to hear some people don't have snow on the ground.

Ridin' stories like that help get me through the winter.

Thanks, TC

I aim jealous ! VERY JEALOUS!! Not only do you have a 450 but you have been out on it in the woods and im here looking at the snow with temps in the teens .

All I got to do is ride wheelies in the snowy yard :) I had to take out the baffle out as the bike gets hot with it in. Throttle stop, airbox and jetting are next. ---Mike

Good you are getting it dialed in. Bring it to the La. Nat'l Enduro Feb 23rd. I am waiting for you to show us what it can do !



PS: I will be on a new bike also and I won't have as much time as you to set mine up. Look me up.

Man I wish I could ride in January.

Brrr -15 C -4 F

I wish I could make it to that national! We just had a baby and the wife is in the hospital or I might have been able to make it. There are 2 national enduro's here in Michigan this year! I will be at both.

It has not been much warmer that 0 deg F here latley. I still ripped around the yard and up and down the road yesterday! ----Mike

Thanks for the invite, but Feb 23rd I'll be at the FTR hare scramble at Gatorback in Gainesville. I won't run an enduro until Mar 4 near Orlando.

BTW I doubt if you need much time to set up your new bike... I'm sure you'll do fine.

Super, The baffle looked like it was riveted in. How hard was it to get out?


The baffle is held in by one bolt on the bottom of the outlet. I hope I can get the throttle stop cut this weekend and work on the jetting ---Mike

Must be nice to have one. All I can do is wait...

Hi Alabama: The other thread I was followin you on got closed before you could answer my question. Were you serious when you said the BRP I just sold weighed 325 wet? If so I am sure gonna be happy with my WR. I was worried about it feelin heavy because I have also been riding a YZ250 in enduros and you dont get much lighter than that. I was under the impression the BRP was about 295 wet. Sure was a good trail bike for a big guy though. BRP FAN

hey tim,

the L version with E-start does weigh 328 dry. The 650R comes in just under 290 dry. The XR650 is a great ride! I switched to a WR450 only because of much lower weight. I hope it will be as good a ride and reliable as the XR was.

The WR450 should be around 28lbs less than the XR650R, and it will have that wonderful E-start...

Bama, why would you ruin a perfectly good bike with red plastic? Honda has yet to get serious about a offroad bike yet, and they have that harsh showa suspension (for offroad). You will go blue and never go back.

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