changeing a plug

I have a 03 wr450f, and my ? is what is the easiest way to change the spark plug?


3/8" ratchet

6" extension

3" extension

10mm socket

5/8" spark plug socket

needle nose pliers

turn the gas off

10mm socket to remove the seat and rad. guards from radiator

remove rubber hold-down strap from gas tank

disconnect fuel line

remove gas tank with rad. guards, set aside

disconnect coil plug

remove coil from spark plug

drop 5/8" spark plug socket onto plug

drop 3" extension onto socket

connect ratchet and loosen spark plug all the way

remove ratchet then extension then use needlenose pliers to remove socket and plug

confirm plug gap specifications

drop in new spark plug then socket then 3" extension

HANDTIGHTEN spark plug until tight then finish off with ratchet

connect coil to plug then wire harness

install gas tank and radiatior shrouds then seat

fire that bitch up!

Out in the feild with out the pliers I had to flip it upside down to get the plug out. I just thought I was missing something

eh? check your airbox for oil now haha

eh? check your airbox for oil now haha

an 03 crank case vent runs down the front of the frame not into the airbox like your bike

Thats why the older 450s would suck water in deep crossings

thank you for the info...didnt know that

Factory spark plug tool!:thumbsup:

With it, there are no pliers, ratchet, turning the bike up-side down etc... just a 14mm wrench, all of which can be carried in your tool pack. (+ the T-handle trail tool with 8 & 10 mm to remove seat and tank)

i always put a thin coat of copper never seize on the threads of the spark plug since unlike metals like to fuze together and be a pain in the ass to remove plus the plug area tends to fill with water which also reminds me that you should put grease between the boot and were it seals on the valve cover to keep some water out and make sure the drain on the side of the block is clear .

dude spark plug socket , there cheap and make your life way easyer . i hate to be a snap-on pusher but its the only spark plug socket i will use , i have never had a plug break with one there just a bit longer and work so much better .

I found using needle nose pliers to pull the plug frustrating so now I carry a telescoping magnet in my tool kit.

i found my plug socket pulls it out terrific with a universal and a extension on top .

Factory tool & 14mm :busted:

Otherwise, 5/8 plug socket, 3/8 universal, 3" 3/8 extension.

Plug come right out with either set up.

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