Husky 570 SMR

I just ordered a SMR and I want to know what I can do to it to squeeze out some more bhp. Of course I will do the jetting and the airbox mods but are there anyone out there who knows some more things to it? Thanx!

I have a few buddies that race Husky's. As a matter of fact, I ordered a Nox. Uptight Husqvarna in Santa Ana, Ca. makes performance parts. Don Canet had his Bike(s) set up there I believe. Fire him off an e-mail. What kind of output are you looking at? Cagiva reports the Nox @ 60hp (to the ground) and 240lbs-WET The SMR has got to be in the same ballpark. I know a stock TE610 dropped 52hp on a dyno -at altitude. And If I remember correctly, one that was piped put out somewhere around 57-58

A friend of mine bought a Husaberg 650 and according to the factory it will put out 61.8 bhp. It would be nice to come up to that kind of figures. I will write that TT-dude a e-mail. I live in Sweden by the way.

Go to You will find a supermotard forum with a lot of international response. If you post your question there, I bet you'll find info on performance parts closer to you. It's pretty much the same across the board however. Carb (41mm Kehin) Cam, big bore etc..

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