weight of wr450

i got my bike today and as i flipped through the manual it states that the wr weighs 269 pounds with all fluids.which to me after sitting on the bike feels about right .

although the little i rode it ,it felt like it was 240.

I weighed mine, It's 262!! No gas. I figure I can get it down 10 pounds...



If you take your exhaust off, could you weigh the exhaust can?

My '02 WR426 manual states it is 268 with full fuel. Is the 450 at 269 with full fuel or with no gas? If it is with full gas then Yamaha says the 450 is only a pound heavier (I'm guessing they use the same weighing method for both years, neither of which may have an honest total though).

If you take your exhaust off, could you weigh the exhaust can?

Iceman, Yes!! I was going to.. I'll let you know.... I'm guessing 10 pounds......


if you read my first post it says that the bike weighs 269 with ALL fluids that includes gas !

If I remember correctly Dan has a Canadian bike. I had a US WR426 and my friend a canadian WR 426. His muffler was longer with no taper. I'd guess it's 5 # heavier than the US version. I have weighed my 450 and posted a weight of 269# with all fluids inc a full tank of gas with an error factor of +/- 3 #. Will someone weigh another US bike to see if we have similar figures.

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