Can I revalve my own suspension?

I purchased Bambislayer's stock YZ426 suspension valves figuring that I could install them myself into my WR250F with the help of a local guy. Turns out the local guy can't do suspension revalve because he doesn't have the tools.

So, is this beyond my ability. I can do and have done just about everything else to my bike short of pulling the motor apart.

Can anyone tell my Motoman's website address?

Are there any Phoenix area riders who could assist me with this?


Don't try it without the corect tools, for the sake of $70 its worth having it done properly by a profesional.

Learn how to do it yourself!! I used the video tape sold by Eric Gorr. I believe that the only special tool you will need is the cartridge holder. I ordered one through my local shop for about $40. It's not that difficult!

Ride on


Where is a good place to get the video?


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