Galfer Break Pads, Seem to thick?

I just picked up a new set of rear Galfer break pads and they seem to be to thick.

I have an 07 450. Catalog calls out P/N FD-286. The outer(closest to the spokes) pad pushes the rotor into the caliper brackets.

Anyone seen this problem before?



Caliper is supposed to "float" on its pins, so that it centers itself. It should move in and out fairly freely other than for the resistance offered by the seals. Yours may be bound up or rusted, or just needs a push. Also, be sure the caliper is closed up all the way when you check the fit.

If you think about it, if the pads are thicker than stock, wouldn't the inner one be thicker too? Another thing to look for is that if your old pads were very thin, and you added brake fluid at some point, you may have to let some out at the reservoir to allow the piston to move back all the way.


I took another shot at it. Cleaned and lubed everything and the fit is still real tight. They drag a bit but sure they will loosen up after a few good stops and things seat in.

I've just never had pads fit so tight but I've used EBC's most of the time and they just may be a tad thinner.


Still to tight. I took a small amount off the back of the pad with sand paper and they are working fine now now. I did stop off at Cycle Gear where I bought them and they did say that Galfers are thicker than the EBC. I don't think I took much of the coating off the back but it did the trick. I'm sure it won't take long for them to wear in too.


unfortunately a lot of aftermkt rear pads are too thick. You will have to remove the heat covers until the pads wear down some then reinstall the heat covers. Stupid isn't it....been there done that with Braking rear pads as well

What's the deal with the coating on the back? I've heard that without the coating you need to run the heat covers, but with the coating you do not. I am not now but I wonder if I was to take all the coating off the back of the Galfers it would be better heat dissipation and reduced heat to the caliper?

I've never had a problem but don't want any either.

Any thoughts?


The coating and the shims are more probably used to prevent noise (squeaking). That's the function of such stuff in cars, at least. As far as heat goes, coating or shimming the pads will prevent heat from moving to the caliper, which would be preferable to having it heat the caliper itself.

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