Any Kiwi or Aussi WR450 sightings yet?

Having all you guys ride your bikes, sure is frustrating down under ....

The demo ones which came over seem to have disappeared even.

Any news would be appreciated.


Not until late march apparently :)

Yep, i've been told probably late March, early April.

Wow, dont you just love dealers, mine is still saying end of Feb, beginning of March. Why do I get the distinct feeling it will be in April :)

I have also been hounding the two yamaha dealers we have here on the Gold Coast. One says end of Feb, the other says Feb/March. Australasian Dirt Bike mag says to expect them to be on dealer floors at the end of March. Who knows? all I know is that I cant wait for mine! it is getting frustrating.

I rang my dealer yesterday and he said they are at least 4 week away. They get notification of delivery 4 weeks prior, and so far nothing is coming down from above.

What he did though is nothing short of amazing, in that he has lent me a 01' WR426 till my 450 comes in !!!!!! :)

Man did that make me a happy camper.

So if you're in Wellington, NZ have a chat with Brendon at Sawyer Motorcycles ,service excellence at its best.

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