here in the rocky mountians in beautiful Post Falls Idaho(north idaho) it is 104 degrees F. Tomorrow is supposed to be 104-106. This is outragous for this area. My poor dog. Good thing he has a pool to play in. I would hate to ride i this crap. i would not be able to see with the sweat in my eyes.

well Sat, Sun where I raced it was 99 and the humidity was right up there about the same.

Drank about a gallon of water Sunday.

You get used to walking around sopping wet.

Washing the pants and jersey everytime I ride gets old though. But it's a must

Its sooo hot!!! you can singe some short hairs. 112F

hey fry boy are you in the airforce. My cousin lives in fairfield on the base. We were just there to visit them.


It may have hit 80 today, a week ago it was around 95 tho, and so humid you took a drink with each breath :) .

At the current moment it is 69 degrees and beauitful, no wind water at the beach across the street from my pad is calm and glassy. Todays high was a scorching 75 degrees.

We have to put up with a lot of B.S. here in Cal but the weather is killer!

34 c(that's right metric, just like the bolts on our bikes). Same for tomorrow and the weekend

oh yeah, and if you want to see real Rocky Mountains you know where to come!!!!! :)


Nope I am not in the Air Force. I live very close to it though.

If it counts,

My dad is retired LT Col in Air Force. He retired from TAFB.

Maybe one of these days when you visit again, we could hook up and do some ridin.


Tp3dxf makes it sound just like a brochure. ( I think I'll go!) He doesn't mention the constant marine layer (fog) that usually hangs over that area. But then again here where I live (20 min away) it's a brisk 95 deg. So choose your poison...

SoCal :)

It got up to a blazing 65F today here in sunny Alaska. The sun should go down at about 12:30 tonight and it will cool off pretty well before it comes back up at about 3:30 tomorrow morning. We pay for the great sunlight and perfect temps come January, though. I never thought I'd see -50F on a thermometer until I moved up here. My first winter, I drilled sheet metal screws into my knobbies and rode on the snowmobile trails up to -20F. I spent more time on the ground than on the tires, so I bought a couple of snowmobiles instead.


Blue fox have you seen those setups where there is a ski on the front and like a snowmobile track about as wide as aknobby in the rear. you need one of those and be a year rounder. oldasdirt :):D:D

Been great riding weather here. Was really hot and humid last 2 weeks (47 celcius with the humidex), but that seems to have broken for now. Click on Orllia weather below for proof that we don't live in igloos and drive dog sleds up here; well, at least not in the summertime!

Orillia weather

[ July 12, 2002: Message edited by: Pete Z ]

[ July 12, 2002: Message edited by: Pete Z ]

Here in central Washington we tied the old record of 104 degrees yesterday. Today is forecast to be 105-106. Too hot for me! I start whining when it gets over 85!

Blue fox have you seen those setups where there is a ski on the front and like a snowmobile track about as wide as aknobby in the rear. you need one of those and be a year rounder. oldasdirt

I've only seen them in magazines and on the internet. Looks like a lot of fun. Unfortunately, I can only own so many toys at one time! Well, I'll be moving back down to the lower 48 in the next year and a half, so I'll be selling the snowmobiles and picking up some new toy. I'm thinking ultralight next!


It was 110 degrees here in Boise, Idaho yesterday. It's 95 today which ended a five day, 105 + degree hot streak. Whew.

115 degrees last Wednesday. :):D

Cooled down to a mild 109 on Thursday. :D

Just got in from a week in Yellowstone National Park, where the high was around 90. A few highlights from my trip back:


Tremonton, Utah 105 or so

Provo, Utah 108, according to the campground desk clerk


St George, Utah 108+

Las Vegas 115

Baker, Ca 124 according to the "World's Biggest Thermometer" (for those who aren't from Calif, Baker is right at the tip of Death Valley)

Barstow, Ca 116

Surprisingly, all were with high humidity, even in the desert! Can you say, El Nino???

My poor suburban had to yank an 8,000 lb trailer up and down all those hills in the heat for 14 hours today. Time to change her oil and give her a little stable time.


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