Is this possible???? Guru's pls answer.

Hi, a friend has a YZF 450 06 model that's had a major blow out on the engine. I would like to know if it's possible to fit all the stuff from my 04 model WR450f into the frame etc... For all the obvious advantages; lighter; better handling .. blaa blaa blaa. I also ride this bike to work sometimes, electrics are a must.

If anyone has done this before pls answer, I hope it's just an easy change out.

Cheers Splint.

Not without some serious fabrication... right off the bat, you'll need some sort of oil reservoir for the 04' motor...but if you look at the Al framed 250f's they have some kind of oil bag hung up front...

I have never heard of such an engine swap... maybe someone here has tried

The big end has gone on the YZF 06; the barrel doesn't look so good. I might just buy it & fix it up cause it's sooo cheap & I can't pass it up.

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