01 and 02 triple clamps will fit the WR450.. Photo

The bottom clamp is different though. I called Vortex about it. Looking sweet! Get mine tomorrow. What did it wiegh? Was that with fuel?


Mike, How are the bottom clamps different? Ask them in detail, I'de love to know.... How could my top clamp slip on?

The weight on my bike was 262 no gas, Canadian pipe...

Congrats on the bike, get ready for a lot of questions on the new bike.. :)



They just told me that I would need a different bottom clamp. I picked it up yesterday. Wow, I do not know what they did but it feels light. The must have got the wieght down low. Yamaha did thier homework! I am pumped about this bike. ----Mike

I tried my old Scotts clamp off of a Yz400.It fit right on.

The only problem was the bar clamp location.The handlebar clamps are not as far forward as on the stock clamp,even when using the forward offset on the clamp risers.I was not sure if the clamps would be strong enough if I drilled a new hole a little farther forward.

Yamaha did thier homework! I am pumped about this bike. ----Mike

Mike, I'm with you!! Me too!!

Is it just me or the the bars feel pretty low? Even at 5'8 I feel as though I want to go with a higher bar than my Pro-Taper "Doug Henry's"........ Hmmm...



The bars felt farther forward that my '00 YZ. I am going to have to go set on it and see how it feels. I just rode it around the dealer parking lot in the snow. It felt pretty good. They yelled at me for riding standup wheelies in thier parking lot :). Pretty good power for all plugged up. That throttle stop barley lets you crack the throttle! I really wonder how I am going to fit all this stuff on protaper bars with bark busters? ----Mike


you guys are already setting up your bikes!!!!!!!!!!

I got to look at these Hawkins hi bend pro tapers, stabilizer, bark busters and tires sitting in my garage every day,



The difference in the bottom clamp is the stem bore size.

Gotta get it set up now. I'm gunna win! Well, at least my class, I hope. Well finish maybe? or well uhhm ....

:) ---Mike

Sure it will bolt on but you can not bolt any of the stock brackets to that clamp since the front mounting point is off center on the WR. I noticed in your pic you are useing an aftermarket front light and number plate

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