Is the 650 a direct swap into a '90 XR600R?

Anyone know how difficult it is to get an XR650R engine into a 1990 XR600R frame?

I'm considering long term goals and will be looking into how much I can get for my good running XR600 engine, vs modifying it to get the level of performance I want, vs swapping it out for a 650 and slightly modifying it.

What's your take on this?

Thanks! :)

If you are willing to cut and modify the XR's frame to fit a larger motor and liquid cooling, why stop with the 650R?

The LS-1 aluminum 350 V8 from GM is available as well. :)

The fact is - you would be better off finding a 650R chassis

and fitting a 600 motor to it. The best feature of the 600R was the motor, the chassis was it's weakest feature. Better yet sell the 600, buy a 650R.

But Dutch...That would be too easy! :)

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