450 Jetting

I am NOT a Jetting expert....but I have a comment. I think it's clear that the bike is lean through the first half of the throttle and possibly more. Much of this may be related to EPA issues. If you look at your owners manual you will see carb specs for Europe which may be a good start for our bikes. Here are examples.

-------------- USA------ EUR

Main------- 150------ 160

Needle---- obdut4------ obduq4

Pilot jet---- 45------ 48

Pilot air---- 70------ 80

Leak jet---- 70------ 50

First what is a leak jet?

These may not be final choices for jetting but it may be a good start. I plan on jetting changes soon. I would appreciate comments on which of these changes should be done if any, or which are the most important or main changes, or other suggestions. I'm at 300-500 elevation, stock muffler with vortex tip, snorkle removed. I know where all but the leak jet go and how to install them, I just don't know what a good starting combination is. Thanks Jim


check out my post titled carb jetting report. I am very pleased with the results so far. Hope this helps

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