scratched engine case... no case savers available?

I was wondering if anyone else has come across this problem. I assume no one else cares, as i can't seem to find any posts on this (having searched thoroughly).

With only 100kms on my new WR450F 08, i have deep scratches on my engine cover from where i operate the gear lever. Stupid bloody lever is embedded in the recess of the engine cover... which as if that wasn't annoying enough, my boot scratches the shit out of the nice black matt cover. It now looks like someone has been rubbing a file over it, and looks damn shitty for a bike with only 100k's on it. Not to mentioned the plastics didn't hold up much better. My pants scuffed the crap out of them... which they have never done on my DRZ.

Even my DRZ has case savers available for it, but i cannot find anything for the WR450. Does anyone have any ideas on how to protect the case? Has anyone changed the gear lever so you can actually reach it?

Does anyone know of replacement cases that might be made of billet aluminium and be a bit more durable, or at least be able to polish the scratches out of?

Know how ya feel... My Gear Side Case is pretty much back to bare metal (after 280kms), and i dont even have metal toe caps on my boots...


As you can see, the actual gear lever rubbed at first (in the recess of the case), but there was plenty of room on the spline for me to loosen the lever off and bring it out a bit, made it a lot easier to change gears too.

GYTR make a billet right hand side clutch cover that is supposed to be alot more resilliant to scratching, but yeah, not too sure on the left hand side case?

powerage... thanks for the post. makes you feel better when you know your not the only one. my fox boots do have a steal toe on them, and that has no gouged 1mm deep scratches. I imagine i will eventually go through the case at this rate!! Anyway, i think this side of the bike is called the ignition cover??? correct me anyone if i am wrong. Lighspeed and hyde make ignition covers for every other model and series of bike except the 07 and 08 wr450.

In anyone knows of an alternative, would like to know? cheers

Yeah, mine almost looks even worse. Tonight I removed the steel toe pieces from my Tech 8's. The Sidi's I'm looking at to replace my Tech 8's don't have that metal piece.

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