Stripped Tensioner Bolt

Well it appreas that I have stripped the inside bolt that holds the tensioner on and now have a new oil leak. I've searched on this and while I have found a lot on stripped oil filter bolts, I can't find anything on this. I can assume it's fixed the same way but figured I would ask first what would be the best way to go about this. It's cureently a 6m bolt. Thanks

Ha dthe same thing happen on my 450. Tap it!

Heli-coil or a Time-sert. Fix it right.

Heli-coil or a Time-sert. Fix it right.

+1 then go to Sears and buy yourself a "good" torque wrench :thumbsup:

I bought a 6mm Heli-Coil and I have a question regarding install. The bolt on the Tensioner that I stripped is the inside one that goes through to the cylinder. What is the best way to go about breaking the tang off so that is doesn't go into the cylinder or is this easier than I'm thinking it's going to be? Thanks

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