Whats is the last letter of the stock carb needle?

Need to know what the last letter of the stock needle is.:thumbsup: Im rejetting the 07 yz 450

look in your manual it tells you what the stock needle number is.

The stock '07 needle is an NFLR. The 4th letter indicates the base diameter of the upper end of the needle, above the taper. That diameter is used to adjust the mixture from off idle to about 1/4 throttle. This works in reverse from a jet size, as the lower the letter, the smaller the diameter, the richer it is, because it takes up less space in the needle jet.

See page 7-7 of your manual.

I can always count on a great answer from you gray:thumbsup:

you could also have used your brains and read the manual. it´s all there!

Well when i printed my manual it came out in like 4 different languages, and its really a pita to do.?BRAINS?:thinking:what brains?you've never rode with me before:p

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