Law in Australia

Im planning a 4 month trip to Australia from january and i need to know if my UK licence which only allows me to ride a 33bhp bike, as im only 18 still applies to australia. What i would like to know is if i can ride a +400cc motorbike on the road or will i have to stick to a 250cc?

To ride enduro's in Australia does the bike have to be road registred?

Im planning on driving a 4x4 for the majority of my traveling up the east coast, do i really need a bike that's road registred? considering that it will spend the majority of the time offroad.

Any other info regarding biking in australia would be greatly appreciated.


I am not sure how the laws mix but over here the bike license is a seperate category to the car.

Your initial 12 months of bike license you are limited to 250cc then open (no age issue- I think).

If you have a full license including motobike then I think you will probably be ok for any capacity.

The rego laws are different in each state including recreational rego in some states. Rego'd bikes is a better way to go if you can cos it opens up far more options but if you know where to go (local knowedge) there are many sweet places to ride.

Enduro's are mainly non rego however road trials and most rallies require rego. In South Aus you can get permits for non rego'd bikes if you are joining an organised event.

Remember WR's out of the box are rego'd here so you can still get a competitive bike with a plate.


ah who cares. if you get a ticket there bring it back and frame it. that would be cool.

You can fast-track yourself onto a full, unrestricted motorcycle licence in QLD if you attent a Q-RIDE course - here it is 4 hours, AU$200 (£70) and then you have your full licence. Easy! Some places charge more, but they are privately run so they can set their own fees and how long the course takes... The guy in Bundaberg is no nonense - and fair.

A registered bike will be so much more versatile, and open up more riding areas to you, and if you wnat to ride in national or state forests, you have to be licenced, registered and have permits (no cost, just apply to the Forestry commissions) Same for public beaches etc, you have to have a registered bike.

For QLD info click here

For NSW info click here

Hope that helps...


Thanks david you have been loads of help, im definitly going to have to come to your area, i may even start my travel's in your area, most of my time spent in Australia will be spent in Queensland and New South Wales, ill take a look at www.'s you sent me. Cheers.

Snapper is right with the licence stuff. Last enduro I went in I needed a headlight- no worries on a Wr and you dont need a road licence. You will need a competition licence and be a member of a club though.

I ride in dirt bike heaven on the NSW North Coast with a few blokes who are unregistered and unlicenced and we have never had any worries in the bush. But it is illegal dont forget.


If you ride in nsw, im in newcastle and all the areas around here you need road registered bikes.Most of the enduros here need road registery aswell to even be able to enter. Anyway where ever or how ever you go about it youll have a blast on these tracks :)

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