Important WR450F Clutch question????

As many of you know there are some Clutch issues with the YZ450F. I need owners of the '03 WR450F to verify with their dealers what the "Permanent Remedy that has been incorporated into the beginning of the '03 WR450F production and will be interchangable between 03 WRF & YZF450" is. This is a quote off of the yamaha service bulletin that I have received. The temporary fix is to replace 3 clutch parts & cut off 4mm from the clutch arm. I verified the part # for the YZ450F clutch arm is part# 5TA-16381-00-00. I can not verify WR450F part # as no dealer in this area has 03 WR microfiche. I am wondering if they are indeed the same part # or that maybe the Clutch arm has been modified at the factory already & it carries a different part #, if this is even the permanent fix is another question. Please check with your dealers & post reply. Thanks

David, Their is more than one way to fix the "problem". The parts you listed sounds like one of the fixes. The other fix doesn't require extra parts just some machine work, this is what I'm going to do tonight with my Yamaha dealer. I will have pictures tomorrow along with a write up.


Dan, machine work on what? Please explain. thanks

I think he is talking about drilling out the oil ports from 3mm to 4mm. From previous threads It sounds like the best fix. Or just feathering your clutch every once in a while at constant speeds.

Maybe I don't know what to look for but I Havn't noticed a clutch problem, I got a hundred miles so far. Exactly what are they doing?

I noticed that you had gone with the RG-3 triple clamp for you WR450 vs: Scott cna you give me a comparision. Have you decided on a stablizer yet? Also, you switched from Worc's frame guards to GYTR. Any worthy differences?

I'm waiting for my WR450 to come in, so I'll getting ready to outfit it with a few necessary items.


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