WR450F Airbox lid?

I took my seat cover off the bike looking for the lid, all I found was a the battery covering the top of the airbox where the old lids used to be. Surely their must be a mod to get more air flow into the airbox, right?


Dan the twin snorkels just behind the battery slide out. They look like a sleeve.They are held in by the rivets for the battery strap clip.

Carefully pry around the rivets with a flat screw driver and pull out the snorkels.Its a little tricky but they will come out. :)


If you look in the opening at the top of the air box you will notice two sleaves refered to as snorkels. Remove your battery from the tray and take a screw driver and pry the two rivets on metal tab for battery strap forward until they clear the snorkel and simply pull snorkel out. This is all the modifying I have done for now. Bike seems to breath fine.

i just took the snorkle out and moved up to a 155 main jet i didn't get a chance to ride it cause it is freezing rain and snow mix. i did notice that the bike idled alot better with just removing the snorkel and jetting up to a 155.

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