Canadian/Euro Silencer - need info

Now that I'm sure that I'll be getting the Canadian/Euro pipe, can anyone give me info about it?

Does anyone have it? How does it perform? I take it that there is no removable baffle?

ANY info would be appreciated. I am hoping not to have to change it out ($$$$).

Thanks, Bud

Check your PM's. WR Dave


I have one, and assuming the 450 pipe is mostly the same as the 01 426, here is what you will have. The muffler section is about 2" longer than the US pipe and same diameter. It is completely sealed and has a 1" welded tube in the end of it. This tube extends into the muffler section for a few inches or so. It is stainless and has a nice finish on it. It is VERY quiet, quiter than a US pipe with a Vortip. Unfortunately, it does not have a spark arrestor in it, and therefore is not USFS approved. It is lighter than the US pipe. The header looks about the same as a US, so the US pipe bolted right up to it.

So I could have a spark arrestor, I just picked up a used US pipe and put a Vortip in it. My new jetting works great with either pipe.

Someone posted the blueprint for a cross section of it here several months ago. Shows you everything inside of it.

Hope this helps

just picked up mine today . it's stainless, all welded and the outlet is about 1 inch. very quiet.i'll be buying a pipe very soon.

I really don't "hate" the Canadian pipe, it's really nice and quiet, but it doesn't have a spark arrestor,it's heavy and restrictive. If you plan on ever going to Gorman or Kennedy meadows you'll get a ticket with that pipe. Even my TI-4 has a spark arrestor. If I'm going to own a "quiet pipe" it should at least be legal...


We in South Africa also get the euro pipe I think it is disgusting a bit like a scooter pipe.

That is way I have got a T/A Ready to bolt on.

However a friend of mine who is also getting a WR is going to cut off the end piece and shorten the pipe, he will then make two different tips one for racing and one quiet for the bunny huggers.

I will take photos of the process and give you updates if it is a worth while process.

Thanks guys. I would love to see the pictures for the cut off mod. How will he make he new tips? Wish I was a machinist - I'd make my own damn pipe. :)

Thanks again, Bud

I may have to go with the "Q" from FMF

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