Big Ride on my WR.

Peps here is what I did with my WR and a fat tank in early october.

The bike performed flawlessly, as expected, and I never worried about my bike, its those fickle KTM's that I worried about breaking down.


That was epic, I would love to do that someday.

That was an awesome read ! It's great to read stories of people out there on two wheels having fun.

Wow. I hate living on the east coast...

Idaho trip is being planned for 2009 with at least 7-10 days-

any Idaho riders have any tips for must hit places to ride? Northern ID or Central ID

wow amazing ride with nice pictures and ride report.

Thanks for taking the time to share that.It was great. The kind of ride that we dream about.

I miss Oregon. Would like to move back. What a great ride report. Scenary is beautiful. Those bikes with the big tanks look a little awkward to ride.

Great report

Actually I got used to big tank and its not a big deal, I still loft the front end even fully loaded. Only thing that kinda takes getting used to was the tank bag when standing. But I dont take the big tank off any more and I still can get after it.

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