asking for a flaming...

i know it's coming, but i don't care, flame away tt pros..

here's my question:

Has anyone heard anything on any SUZUKI thumpers or KAWASAKIS to speak of in the near future(motocrossers, not DRZ/KLX hybrids, i mean RMF or KXF 250/450s)?

... :)

(just wondering)

racer36 :D

I have heard their in the works, but may be a while.

I talked to the Kawi people at the Laughlin race and they told me that the 250f is coming. I asked about a 450 and was told after the 250. Flaming? Are you kidding me? I'll be first in line.. I love the green people and their bikes......



What is it that you love so much about Kawi?

I've never ridden one...


What is it that you love so much about Kawi?

Thump, I see team Kawasaki at every desert race I attend always helping people with whatever it may be. They are great people, they bring up people like RC and Bubba. I just appreciate good people that make our sport that much better and team green is a big part of that...

No kidding Dan?

I figured that every single rider on this forum was anti-anything-not-blue.

i am awaiting the suzuzki thumpers. i'll pick one up as soon as i can afford it. don't know exactly why. jsut like suzuki. rode an 00rm250 season before last when ol blue broke a valve chain guide and it took all summer for yamaha to get one in. it was my cousins bike. yeah, it was a 2-smoke, but it handled great (and the power seemed more adapted for motocross than the soft wr powerband hit)

not to mention that team suzuki has the coolset looking bikes in the pro ranks IMHO (SoBe graphics).

that and i like yellow. it's so bright.

call me weird. :):D

racer36 :D

Hey Ironman Dan,

I'm with ya buddy. When Kawi comes out with a MXable thumper, I'm on board. My first bike in 72 was a Kawi and I thought Bad Brad Lackey was the man. Cool color too!


I think Kawasaki had something to do with bringing up McGrath early on in his career. I like the way they support every form of racing from the Dez to Quads in the GNCC's! If they had something competitive 4 stroke wise, I would be riding green!

No kidding Dan?

I figured that every single rider on this forum was anti-anything-not-blue.

You'de be surprised how many of us don't really care what brand you ride.. I've never had that attitude. I figure that it's not about the bike. I just got done telling my brother at my last race "Man I wish Kawi had a bike for me" because the way that they support us (in the desert) is second to none, Yamaha does nothing for desert racing at all!! That sucks! Meanwhile Kawasaki and Honda have boxvans planted all over the desert to help everyone out in the pits, yes they are there to promote their own product but they are good people that are willing to help everyone out and do all the time. The KX500 is too much bike for me and the KX250 is not enough for long hauls. For now im into the Yamaha's because I honestly think they have the best bike you can buy..Many people disagree but thats fine with me.

Bill: :)

i read that suzuki will have a RMF 250 and 450 next year.




well actually i just figured the whole blue thing cuz of the thumper wars that take place every time a new brand comes out and all the mudslinging (not the same kind as roosting) that takes place.

if that's true that suzuki has a thumper next season, i may have to go into debt again :D :D :)

racer36 :D

Yep, I'm a die hard blue bike rider....

'88 XR600 - first bike, long gone

'90 KX500 - recently resurrected

'99 WR400

'92 XR250R - wife's

'88 Suzuki Katana 1100 - 25K miles in the 1st year I owned it

I'm still trying to figure out how to add a KTM or GG to the list:)

Yep, a die hard blue bike fanatic that's what I am....


I have a 1974 KX250 thats in showroom condition. I look at it to see how far we have come.

Bikes are better these days but not any more fun.

In high school I used to ride a KX to school and park it in the bicycle rack.

If I knew how to post a picture of it I would.

I'd like to seem Kawi come out with a thumper. Keeps the manufacturers competitive. Have to admit, rode a KX500. That's what got me back to 2 wheels after being out of it for 15 years.

i've owned , 2 suzukis,2 hondas, 1 kawasaki,2 yamaha's. it's not the name it's the type of bike i am looking for at the time. this time it happened to be the yamaha.nothing against any other bikes i just felt that the Wr fit my riding the best now.

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