Where to ride in San Antonio Tx.?

Hi guys, I'm from California visiting the Canyon Lake area of Central Texas for the week and looking for a place to ride track or trail nearby. Would like to stay near the San Antonio area, but hey, I've already driven across the west half of this huge state whats a little more!!! Any help would be great as I don't see much in the "where to ride" section for this area of Texas. Thanks

I am new to this site and to texas i am from the houston area not too far from you i supose. The only place i have ridden at here since i moved to texas is at 3 palms motocross park its a nice place tracks are pretty good but as far as off road i realy have no clue i would like to find out as well. Its kinda funny that you say your from california i actualy grew up there and i must say the riding there is vary nice for off road they also have alot of tracks but most of all i miss the trails and hill climbs of california

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